Why is video advertising so effective?

  • Image video is the best way to promote your business.
  • Advertising videos are the perfect way to effectively sell your products and services. Advertising videos increase the conversion of product sales by up to 78%.
  • Videos shared on Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube generate 1000% more audience engagement than photos and texts.
  • Recent Google research shows that advertising on YouTube is much more effective and cheaper than advertising on TV.

  • A good investment for your business. Relatively low cost of production compared to the enormous possibilities and financial benefits.

What do You get?

Depending on the project, we have at your disposal: Actors, extras, make-up artists, stylists, models, hairdressers, operators, lectors and more.

We provide everything you need, you don't have to search anymore, you are in the right place.

Master team. We know how to create a good video that will increase sales conversions in your business.

Fast realization. You will receive the first conceptual assembly within 7 working days from the end of the shooting.

100% satisfaction guarantee. On the way to perfection, for SUCCESS.

Copyright Transfer Agreement.

Technical and production support.

An individual and professional approach, full commitment and a GREAT passion for creation.

We will make a video that will attract new customers, build a strong position for your brand, and the competition will envy you.

What videos we create?

Advertising videos

Product videos

Business videos

YouTube realizations


Events videos

Music videos

Video portraits

How it's working.


Filling out the brief. Consultation. Setting the right direction and establishing an action plan. Deadlines. Preparation of the budget. Discussing all the details of the project.


Without a good script, a good movie will not be made. Now is the time to fine-tune your vision and idea. That is why we develop a scenario that perfectly fits your project.


We choose the appropriate location. Depending on the needs and budget, we recruit a professional team, operators, actors, make-up artists, etc. In short, we cover the entire shooting plan in the smallest detail.


We appear earlier on the set to take a few test shots, set up the equipment and deal with technical issues. The number of shooting days depends on the script and the project. On average, it is about 2-3 days.

Montage concept

After the completion of the photos, you will receive the first raw control assembly showing the concept and direction of work within a maximum of 7 working days.


Your remarks, comments and changes you want to make to the assembly. If the budget allows, possible extra time of the material.

Final montage

Post-production, color correction, sound, effects. We buy soundtracks from world music banks. One basic license is included in the project price.


We prepare the appropriate file format. We hand over the finished video production to you with copyrights. You win the hearts of viewers by reaping the benefits.

How we work?

Dante is obsessed with perfection and perfection. Everything he does wants to do the best and requires the same from others. His greatest passion is CREATING stories in the form of: books, movies and games.
We approach each project individually, together with our clients we develop a strategy and what solutions to apply so that the final result reaches 100% the intended goal. Based on these findings, we select a team and equipment. Only the undisputed champions in their specialties join the team. Depending on the project, we invite proven operators, sound engineers, lectors, lighting specialists, actors, extras, make-up artists, stylists, models, hairdressers who know their stuff and do a good job, thanks to which we can provide very attractive conditions, affordable prices and high quality.


Success stories

James Brody

A unique personality with extensive experience and knowledge. Entrepreneur and businessman with an artist's soul of extraordinary depth and sensitivity. We jointly implemented 2 larger investment projects, which ended in a spectacular box office and production success.

Sabrina Levis

I was lucky to meet Dante personally, he is undoubtedly a unique person, and what he wants to build for society with his knowledge, passion and wisdom. Without batting an eye, I can say that his visionary view of the world goes beyond the present era.

Tony Hoffman

He is a man whose sincere passion is Creation and Business. You can see it at the first meeting, I knew from the very first moment that we would make a good deal. I am waiting impatiently for the next investment which is a cinema film based on his  novels.


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