Some irrelevant facts about me. After graduating from school, I started my education in the fields of advertising, marketing, sales and computer graphics. Before I found the true purpose of my existence, I worked in 24 positions in various companies, incl. in the fields of sales, marketing, e-commerce, business, graphics, photography, film, management, investment, creation and many other industries. I ran my own internet brands. I was involved in internet trading. I have written and published two books myself.

Creating is my greatest passion. Mainly I working on Adobe software, Microsoft Office, Web & UX/UI Tools and Management Tools. Over the years of practical work and many years of learning, I got to know the above-mentioned software at an advanced level.

What I am mainly doing? Generally speaking, using the above software, I am able to create almost everything, but particularly I try develop my skills of these three sectors: Internet platforms, mobile aplications and computer software.

What's in the process of learning? In addition to absorbing books from the industry of personal development, business, psychology, philosophy, sales, literature and poetry. Currently, my goal is to enrich my workshop with skills such as: Programming and drawing.

Even a storm of demons will not stop a man who really wants to reach his chosen goal, as long as he believes that nothing is impossible, he will never give up and wants to achieve his goal AT ANY COST. - Dante Krone

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