Strategy: Defeat your enemies.

Batman vs. Joker.

How to beat the competition? Whoever harms your interests is your enemy / competitor, be it in sports or business. If you want to win, you have to be better, smarter and smarter than him.

The strategy is divided into 3 key phases:

  1. Market analysis - Research.
  2. Who are your rivals, competition analysis - Diagnosis.
  3. How To Beat The Competition - Solution.

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Strategy: Idea analysis.

Ideas worth millions.

An idea is a vision that begins in the imagination. Before you start implementing it, devoting your time, energy and money, make sure that the vision you want to implement has a good chance of success.

The strategy is divided into 3 key phases:

  1. Analysis of your idea - Research.
  2. Analysis of ideas of successful people - Diagnosis.
  3. How to Design a Grand Vision to Succeed - Solution.

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Strategy: Effective sales activities.

Gold for the brash.

What builds financial success? How do people achieve unimaginable wealth? Can you make money on what you do, can you sell it? Sell ​​globally and do it efficiently.

The strategy is divided into 3 key phases:

  1. Analysis of the market situation - Research.
  2. How To Sell Anyone You Want - Diagnosis.
  3. Development of Results-Oriented Sales Activities - Solution.

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Strategy: Product Launch.


An original formula that was created on the market, allowing you to achieve financial success on the day of your product launch. Thanks to this formula, I have sold over 3,000 of my book in pre-sale.

The strategy is divided into 3 key phases:

  1. Market analysis. Secret Weapon - Research.
  2. Money machine - Diagnosis.
  3. Developing activities to introduce your product to the market - Solution.

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Strategy: Management Social Media.

Become a star and build a strong personal brand.

You can create your popularity in many different ways, but one thing is for sure. The more people who like, know and watch you, the more you can benefit from it, as long as you play well.

The strategy is divided into 3 key phases:

  1. Market analysis - Research.
  2. Fame Stories of the Most Popular People - Diagnosis.
  3. Developing activities to build your personal brand - Solution.

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