In this article, you will find 10 real estate investment ideas. According to experts, it is a safe solution, provided that you properly take care of the security of such an investment and acquire the appropriate knowledge. As in any business, anything can happen here. In larger cities, prices will be high, but in the outskirts it will be up to half the price. It depends on how far away from the larger city, what the conditions and finishing of the flat will be, etc. To buy such a flat, you will need an amount of at least PLN 200,000, depending on the location, it may be a little less or a lot more. For example, small, unfinished flats or studios are much cheaper. For renting such an apartment, you should safely receive min. PLN 1,000 / month Apartment buildings are more expensive, but the rental price is also much higher. I noticed that on average, for renting a luxury apartment in Warsaw, you have to pay at least PLN 3,000 to even PLN 10,000 per month.

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1. Flats.

As above, you buy an apartment and rent it to other people. If you have your capital, this is a good investment option. In addition, there are companies that will take care of the entire service of your real estate. Imagine you have 10 apartments and you have to drive to each one in case of a breakdown. You can, of course, but if you have any other business, you won’t want to worry about such things.

2. Segments.

Surely you’ve seen small estates with small twin houses? I believe so. Recently, I have come across a method where funds are collected from clients, e.g. 30% of the amount of the entire segment, before the construction starts. In this way, the investor has capital for construction works. When the foundations are laid and the finishing work begins, customers make another payment of another 30%, and when picking up, they pay the rest. This way you can limit your expenses very much. It’s kind of like phased pre-sale. There are many such methods, this is only one of them, how to obtain capital for construction.

3. Pavilions.

These can be, for example, small booths in markets or bazaars. You may have seen, while at the bazaar, that some of the sellers have such small rooms where they sell and keep their goods. You can also invest in something like that. For example, you can find a good place to set up such a bazaar and build a dozen or so such pavilions and rent them to local sellers, e.g. meat, vegetables and fruit, plants, spices.

4. Containers for employees.

How does it look in practice? You have to delve into the subject, but it looks interesting. As you drive past some large construction site, you may notice large housing containers for workers. They are rented by companies or the employees themselves have to pay for their rent. Anyway, these containers have to come from somewhere and someone is renting it out. Unless larger companies buy such containers themselves, so as not to expose themselves to rental costs. I have also seen such containers more than once at construction sites, so maybe it’s a good idea. I leave it for your assessment. As for the price, I looked through the offers and you can buy such a used housing container from PLN 7,000, if you search well, you will probably find it cheaper.

5. Apartment building.

You don’t have to build an entire luxury skyscraper at once. You can buy an apartment in a good location in a large city. Only such a miracle costs no less than a million zlotys, but also renting such an apartment gives a much higher monthly income than in the case of ordinary apartments. As a curiosity, I will tell you about an apartment in Warsaw. I found an offer to rent an apartment with an area of ​​320 square meters for a note, PLN 120,000 per month.

6. Warehouses.

Many companies rent additional storage space for their goods. I also saw a lot of small private warehouses. Doesn’t fit your equipment? You can rent a few square meters for little money and store unnecessary devices. The cost of building such a warehouse may not be small, but you can make money on it, and that’s what we want. You can always look for investors or organize a group investment.

7. Offices.

Maybe it would be a good idea to invest in office space that you can rent later. You buy 10 such offices at a good price and rent them. Okay, let me tell you about one method that applies to all real estate and more. You can rent such an office for example for PLN 1,000. Now you have to find a client who will rent this office for PLN 1,200. It is not a lot with one rented premises, but what if you had 20 or more? First, look for clients, then rent, do not do the opposite, you never know how quickly a potential client will become interested in renting a flat, why? You will pay PLN 1,000 for the rental, and the potential customer will be there in a month, you are PLN 1,000 in the back. First, the client, then the rental using this method or another.

8. Parking spaces.

Here you can have a lot of options, from a simple parking space under a block of flats or a garage to parking spaces at airports. You do not have to limit yourself only to Poland. For example, a parking space at Edinburgh Airport can be purchased for around £ 22,000. Everything is handled by an external company and you, as an investor, are waiting for monthly transfers to your account for the rental. Unfortunately, you will have to wait several years for the return on investment, in this case. It will be much cheaper in Poland, but the return will also be several years.

9. Hotel room.

Investments are in the millions, but you don’t have to build the entire hotel right away, you can buy one or more hotel rooms and rent them to guests. The hotel is serviced, you don’t have to do anything. Prices for one room in good locations may range from PLN 200,000 to PLN 400,000. Depending on the hotel. Only here can there be a risk whether your room will be constantly rented by hotel guests. I think this could be done by making good contact with the hotel owner, instead of directing guests to other rooms, hotel staff would suggest your room first. You would have to figure it out a bit.

10. Summer cottages.

The investment may not be big, because you can buy such a small house for even PLN 10,000, they are much more expensive and better equipped, but let’s leave them for now. For example, having 5 houses in a good location, mountains, seaside, lakes or other recreational places. Such cottages can bring you quite a decent income every month. It depends a lot on what the houses will be, because believe me, there are summer houses, for a full house. Once in one of them, there was even a sauna, jacuzzi and games room.

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