The film tells the story of a young girl who is lonely, has no friends or a boyfriend. She lacks courage and self-confidence. At school, she makes a sacrifice for the class, students tease her, make fun of her, humiliating her in front of the whole school whenever they have such a whim. Her father thinks she’s screwed up. Her mother tries to be more understanding. This is about to change when he reveals his dark face in front of the mirror. She is the victim, and on the other side of the mirror her dark and strong face is enchanted.

The face of darkness takes over the body.

One day, when she cannot stand the next humiliation, she decides to let the dark side of herself enter her body, take over her mind and body.

A real soul trapped in the other world, behind the mirror.

Initially, the new presence in the girl’s body gets along with the permanent resident with her real self. But the longer the dark side of the girl rules over her body and mind, her real presence loses and the darkness begins to send her insidiously to the other side of the mirror, where her dark side was previously trapped.

A dark side.

At the end of the story, it turned out that the face that lived on the other side of the mirror was the ghost of a twin sister who was murdered in childbirth because of her disfigured body.

A stimulus that will activate your stronger and better version of you and close the weak one.

Give your strong and courageous version to take control of your life, thoughts, decisions, choices, actions. Let your brave side of you walk through life, and lock this weak version of yourself in an enchanted box, lock it behind a mirror and do not let it get out, so that fear and fear will captivate you again. Your strong divine new personality is to be above all of this.

When the strong side starts to be afraid.

In the film, when Airam took over Maria’s body, there were moments when her stronger side was also afraid and succumbed to the firmness of her father, who towered over her, courage, confidence and firmness. From what I noticed, she feared him the most, but only when he showed his superiority.

Choose what version of yourself you want to be.

– weak, fearful, scared, insecure

– Strong, brave, firm, self-confident, possessed of divine attributes.

How is it shown in the movie?

The strong side of Maria’s personality was shown in a negative version, after all, it is a horror film, not a film about business and life. Although the psychological thread depicting the two personalities is very real. Maybe there is no literal life like in this movie, but we often have many more than 2 personalities who reveal themselves in different situations and circumstances.

I create stories in various forms, which is why I am constantly looking for inspiration in books, movies and role-playing games. Some of my analyzes, conclusions or notes will find a place in my journal on this page. The articles will be rather short and contain only a small part of the analysis of a given work, so as not to reveal some new original ideas that I will be able to use in my productions.

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